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custom facials

A custom facial specifically catered to your skin type paired with my dermaplane treatment. Just like the basic dermaplane,

you will achieve brighter, ultra smooth skin, but amped up with extractions, high frequency(kills bacteria in the skin), lymphatic massage, mask, and LED light therapy.

derma planing

This service is just a dermaplane + includes: a double cleanse, skin analysis, dermaplane, and a hydrojelly mask. This quick treatment is perfect if you

need a pick me up for your skin, a treatment between your traditional appointments, or if you simply want to try dermaplaning! You will achieve brighter and smoother skin instantly.

dermaplane + chemical peel

Fight acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and texture with this phenomenal combo. Dermaplaning enhances the results of the chemical peel,

allowing the product to penetrate even deeper into the skin. Does not include extractions and not recommended for active acne.

deep detox facial

Congested skin's worst enemy: Deep Detox Facial. I will solely focus on decongesting your skin with thorough extractions, killing bacteria to zap breakouts away,

breakouts away, and prevent any from surfacing. This facial also includes a relaxing ice roll and Blue LED light therapy to finish off the treatment.

Please note this service may run over time depending on your skin's condition. Although, if you have mild-severe acne I would consider my Face Reality Program!

nano infusion facial

Nano-needling is pain free, results driven, collagen stimulating, and more. This treatment safely infuses ingredients through thousands of microscopic channels. Amazing for wrinkles, fine lines, acne hyperpigmentation,

stretch marks, and other skin blemishes using your body’s own repair process. This treatment

allows up to 97% better product absorption resulting in glowing, plump, hydrated, bright, and rejuvenated skin.

ultimate anti-aging facial

Achieve an instant face + neck lift with this Ultimate Anti-Aging facial combining Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Therapy and Microcurrent! These modalities are a nonsurgical, non-invasive method of

nonsurgical, non-invasive method of tightening the skin, producing collagen and elastin (forget your botox and fillers, this is the classic, tried and true treatment trust me).

Power Hour Facial

A 60 minute facial including a skin analysis, custom products that best fit your skin type and concerns, minimal extractions, and a European massage. Any facial add on you choose will be included at no extra cost, as long as time allows.

Elite Facial

This facial is perfect for any skin type, completely customisable while focusing on lymphatic drainage + a sculpting facial massage purely for relaxation. Also included: deep, but gentle exfoliation, light extractions, hydro jelly mask, Celluma LED, and peppermint scalp massage

Acne Program

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